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 Intensive OutPatient Program for Professionals 

Live at Home and attend Treatment in the Evening 

Epic Victory Inc. is a treatment program, helping individuals reach victory over anxiety, alcoholism, and addiction.  Our programs have been specifically designed to get results.  Our highly skilled staff use a variety of the best approaches and cutting edge interventions to help you get the Victory back in your life.

Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment 

Our intensive outpatient drug rehab programs provide clients guidance from master’s level clinicians and addiction specialists and help them get support from others on their own recovery journey. Clients learn a range of valuable recovery skills in intensive outpatient treatment. These include:

• Coping with alcohol and drug cravings

• Accepting and acting on feedback

• Practicing effective communication

• Finding healthy ways to reduce stress

• Identifying triggers and learning healthy ways to deal with them

• Improving decision-making abilities

• Creating healthy relationships

Our intensive outpatient addiction treatment programs are open to people who need structure and support in their recovery process. Core components of intensive outpatient treatment generally include:

• Master’s level clinicians and addiction specialists

• Individualized education and recovery resources

• Small group sizes

• Individual counseling support

• Collaboration with sober living residences and/or family

• Drug screenings

• Aftercare support