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CEO, Christy Forrester
Epic Victory Inc

 Intensive OutPatient Program for Professionals 

Live at Home and attend Treatment in the Evening 


When you first start our IOP you will have daily “work” with us so we can help you through the shakiest times of your recovery. As you become stronger and don’t need such intense professional support, you will have shorter sessions, less often.

This is sometimes called a “step down” system since you are effectively “stepping away” from our support as you become more independent. Of course our professional staff remains available and ready to assist you at any time in your treatment.

At Epic Victory Inc, we offer free life long aftercare with our weekly alumni meetings and fellowship.  We encourage all successful graduates to attend.  Some weeks groups are facilitated by clinician, and other weeks groups are peer run by members of the community.  We believe it is important to develop new sober friendships and to engage sober activities to remain sober.  Alumni night is each Friday from 7-9 at our center.

Spiritual Retreat in California

Empowerment Retreats

Life Changing Retreats.  In a few short days, you will clear away old wreckage/issues and fill the newly cleared space with an energized calm that will direct you to internal motivation and strength.

People attend with all different goals - some want to have unlimited financial freedom, others desire greater happiness, while others are trying to break free from stress.  

Our next retreat takes place on February 6, 7th, and 8th.  For more info contact us at